Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Boldly go where no man has been before...

And then there were four.  Four you say?  Yes, four.  Only it turns out I don't have a decent photo of all four of us so here's a funny one taken at around 10 days old.  Presenting Jackson George Bird.  Born 29th of January 2015, weighing 8lb 4oz and measuring 21 inches long after a lovely (seriously, I thought it was lovely, I was a warrior princess!) short birth.  Thank you for not coming on my birthday, Jay jr.  You made your mummy a very happy lady.

Obviously many men have been there before but shortly after Jackson George Bird was born, I was beginning to wonder how on earth so many people have done this and not died trying? It seemed impossible.  But I got over that and life has gone on and everything is much better now. In fact before we knew it, he turned 5 months.  FIVE MONTHS.  Seriously, I don't know where those months went but the crazy days turned into weeks and months and now I find the days a lot less crazy and actually quite pleasant. In fact, he has slept through the night 5 times over the passed seven days.  Five times! We must be onto something here?  In any case, I take that as a good sign for my future sleep habits, though I'm not sure I ever want to give up napping in the afternoon.

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