Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stay-at-home survival

BabyBird and I have much more time to ourselves since summer ended.  The first couple of weeks took a lot of adjusting.  BabyBird was going through the week of horror as she grew four molars.  I was so used to rushing around, I found myself bored and slightly down by 2pm.  I have since found grateful purpose in spending my days focused on her and am really enjoying being at home.  Also the weather is cooler and basically perfect so we can get outside more.  I'm always happiest when I can be out doors.

One of my favourite things that we do is our 'early'* morning walk. I have heard that sunshine before 10am gives the healthiest UV rays.  I'm also happy to do some light exercise regularly while I'm pregnant.  BabyBird has had her moments but she has become a very willing participant.

Every day we venture slightly further - the surrounding neighborhoods have some gorgeous houses and mansions - and today we found a book house.  What is this?  A small glass-doored cupboard with books to swap.  I took the Marquis of O' and am sure I can find some we have finished with here to add to it's shelves.  A wee hidden treasure.
*it's not so early - we never get out before 8:30!

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