Friday, March 4, 2016

A moment in someone's life

“NO! Them’s mine! Them’s mine! Jax!” I feel mad.  Jack is stealing all my blocks from my bootiful castle. 

“Them’s mine! Get off, get off!”  Mummy’s not paying me any ‘tention so I make sure she can hear me this time. These blocks are dumb.  I push them off the table and go get Ellie and Blankie.  

“Come on, Ellie, you need go to bed.”  Blankie fits comfy around Ellie and I think it will be a good idea to put them in my hut.


“Oh, I had to do that, Aria, I needed the chair for lunch.”

“But it’s all messed up and I need to put Ellie to bed.”

“Okay okay, let me put it together for you again.”

“And I need some nice music to play so I can be a fairy and dance while Ellie goes to bed.”

“Yes, yes.”

“My nice music I want to dance and be a fairy.”

“Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Jack’s got my dress he’s got my dress he’s got my dress.” Ouch, why did I fall over? “I falled over!”

“Okay, everyone pack up.  Let’s go upstairs to bed.”

But I’m not tired! “I’m not tired! I’m not tired. I’M NOT TIRED.”

“Okay.  But it’s bed time so come on, we’re not going to have time for stories.”
No stories? “No stories?” I run to the stairs. “But Jax won’t come! Jax isn’t coming.”

“He’s coming, hurry up, get on the potty.”

“I’m not tired!”


My name is Aria Grace. I have bootiful curly hair.  My mummy tells me Ari. Sometimes she tells me monkey.  I’m two and a half and next I’ll be five.    Before I’m five I’ll be three.  I’ve got May.  Daddy’s got Sep’ber.  Mummy and Jax have Jan’ry.  It’s my birthday soon.  I want a purple hoola hoop at Dollar Tree like I show mummy.  Mummy told me bed time but I’m not tired so I’m playing.  I’m reading. And sewing. I’m really good at sewing. And one day I can read but not yet. I don’t always know what da pikchas saying. Ellie needs another song. Maybe he’d like Row row row boat. Or Twinkle lil’ star.  No Row.  I sing Row.

“Ari. Aaaaaari. It’s time to wake up.  We’re going to see the big boys now.”

I open one eye and close it again. I’m sleeping now, mummy. But she’s patting my back. I’m sleep, I’m sleep.  

“Let’s go potty and I have a snack for you, Ari. Goldfish and raisins.”

“And I want some cheese.” I told her.

“Yes, cheese too.  Let’s go, Ari.”

I crawl into her lap for a cuddle. I want her stop talking but she doesn’t.

“Maybe we should take your bike.  Would that be a good idea, Ari? Should we take your bike?”

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