Thursday, September 3, 2015

A camping we shall go

I see I mentioned last year's holiday (see blueberry post) but failed to post about the awesome road trip we took around Lake Ontario.  We have this photo on our fridge from that lovely holiday.  We stayed with many close friends and it really was a special trip.  BabyBird traveled extremely well for her age.

This year we found a relatively cheap, decent family tent, so I really wanted to go camping.  Let's face it, every summer I want to go camping.  It took me all summer to get around to it because I felt as though Jbaby was too little and it would be unmanageable.  Finally we decided to coincide our trip with the birth of my niece in Michigan.  We would visit her on the way there and on the way back, only going for five days and four nights.  Hopefully a shorter trip would make it more manageable with our own little one.  

Introducing BabySiggy.

We headed all the way to the far north of the lower peninsula of MI to visit Mackinac Island and some surrounding beaches, and stopping at Traverse City on the way home.

The camp ground in Mackinaw City where we stayed was lovely.  It was situated on Lake Huron (neighbours Lake Michigan where we normally go) in some woods.  Each campsite offers a picnic table and a fire pit.  Here is our situation and a sneaky peak of some yummy camp-time french toast.

Mackinac Island was an interesting day trip.  It's famous for its lack of motor vehicles with people getting around by foot, bike, and horse drawn buggy.  We took our new bike buggy for the babies and hired some bikes.  Jbaby wasn't too keen on that one...

I was glad to have some obligatory beach time, and even gladder that Jbaby found his sleep while on the beach.  Just a glad mummy all around.

They both traveled really well but I was left feeling pretty tired afterwards.  I'm glad we went, was glad to get home, and look forward to many more family holidays with slightly older children.

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