Saturday, July 19, 2014

End of season blueberry picking

We headed south early this morning with some good friends to go blueberry picking.  It's really the end of the season so these blueberries are rather tart compared to last years' pickings (check out how tiny BabyBird was in those days!). 

We're leaving to go on holiday in a few days so those fresh blueberries were causing me a little bit of stress while they sat around on my kitchen table.  I finally got to them tonight after the little one went to bed.  Would you like to hear the list?  It really is a little bit of everything.  I made popsicles, blueberry lemonade, zucchini and blueberry bread, blueberry muffins, and a small sample of blueberry jam.  I only frozen about a punnet though Jbird helpfully informed me afterwards I could have just frozen them all.  I guess I was thinking about what I felt like eating and what we could take on the trip with us.  And I was in the mood for a cook up!

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