Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And then he was seven months

Trying to crawl, enjoying sitting, munching on food.  All those lovely things that herald in the second half of a baby's first year of life are upon us.  

With Mum here, we thought it would be nice to have his dedication.  Of course we forgot to get the obligatory family pic after church but here is one from the ceremony.  

This dedication was a timely reminder for me that Jbaby and Babybird are not me, they are themselves.  Seriously, I have discovered an element of control that I want to gain and just can't.  Like Jbaby drinking more milk (or simply gaining more weight), or Babybird sharing and playing with other children nicely.  As such, they will need to make lots of decisions for themselves even if I am making a lot of them for them right now.  However, they need to be taught a lot and the church can help Jbird and I as we raise them.  Even with the church's help, things may not go to plan.  It's only God that can offer the grace they (and we all) need to live in this world. 

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